Morality and Reason


AAAAAAAND… you will hardly find a christian soul with the humility of Socrates. Christians are mass deluded fools who know only to fear their myth god and blindly follow it. I feel sorry for these throwbacks because they show great ignorance of the science that has explained FAR MORE than the infection of religion can ever explain!. Sheep are like this, and at least 80% of the virus called Homo Sapiens fall into this abysmal category.

Interactive philosophy

If there ever was a man in possession of a “pure” reason, it has to be Socrates: it only spoke to him once, saying all it could ever say: “I know that I know nothing”. Ask a computer a moral question, or, to be really cliché, the meaning of life, and it will use its only tool, logic, to give the most reasonable answer thinkable: silence.

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