The Beeble: 23 Genesis


On Facts and Faith

The Beeble
By Eric Monk

Sarah, Abraham’s wife, died at the tender age of 127 years. Abraham mourned the loss of his wife and wanted to find a nice location for her grave. And so he went to speak to the sons of Heth.

“Who are the sons of Heth?” “I don’t know – but he went to them. Okay?”

He told them: “I am a stranger here among you, but can I please get a place to bury my dead wife?” The sons of Heth replied politely: “You are a prince among us – take any spot you want for the grave.” Abraham thought for a moment and then asked to speak with Ephron, for he knew that Ephron owned the field on which the cave of Machpelah was situated. In Abraham’s mind, that cave was just perfect. “I will buy the field and cave from Ephron for as…

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