Why I retired from being a #pastor at 45. #Christianity


i-quitWhen people ask me if I’m still a pastor I tell them that I am retired, because that usually ends the conversation.  If I say that I quit then there is always the follow-up questions, which is accompanied with a very concerned look.  The truth is that I did indeed quit, but it isn’t for the reasons you may think.  I didn’t lose my faith, deny Christ, and begin snorting cocaine off the belly of a hooker.  And I’m not going on a tour or writing a book about going from God to godless.  I still love the teachings of Jesus, and I still pray although at times I do question if someone is actually listening.

I quit being a pastor because I began to realize the church was quickly becoming a business, and a form of entertainment for people.  And don’t get me wrong, I think a good church…

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