Da Bibble!


The problem with God is that only the most simplistic person can believe the incredibly primitive suppositions that the theological community has attributed to the myth. I am not the brightest bulb in the pack, but I find it impossible to believe the obvious bullshit contained within the fairy stories of this Bronze age tome. I have encountered seemingly rational people who insist that the stories of the Beeble are actually occurrences with factual basis. As the rational thinking person knows, the bible is, in fact, the most contradictory, contrived piece of crap fiction ever foisted upon the virus known as mankind. 

Fairy stories do endure in the face of the harsh realities facing the human race. This only because the reality of taking responsibility of one’s own life usually is too much for the average human to comprehend. To be responsible takes pragmatism and sensibility, something that the devout usually do not posses. Giving in to myth usually means that you can abdicate responsibility to an anthropomorphized GOD who, of course, knows exactly how you think and feel and will eventually validate your problematic flawed way of fucking up your life! 

The actual reality of the matter is that you will be held accountable for the fuckups that you have caused and you will suffer the wrath of those that you have fucked over in the name of your religious fairy cocksucker in the sky! Please note that I am not tyrying to judge, and that you hold the key to going and fucking yourself! My advice is to un-fuck yourself and rely upon yourself and reality to pull you through, so give GAWD the heave-ho and trust yourself!!

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