A Practical Guide to Losing Weight For Good


I went to a page run by Scrappy Doo and he said that Scooby is a low down lying motherfucker!! No seriously, Iv’e been working out for 25 years and came across his videos and workshop about 2 years ago. He knows what he is doing and if you follow his routines you will stay injury free and make very good gains.


A Practical Guide to Losing Weight For Good

Today I was introduced to a great website called Scooby’s Workshop.  Scooby’s page is loaded with videos, pictures, and resource sites that cover a broad range of topics under the fitness and nutrition umbrella.  Scooby debunks exercise and fitness myths and gives tips on various exercise techniques.  This particular article provides an in depth look at how to lose weight for the long term without the use of gimmicky (like my new word?) diets or starvation.  Oh, did I mention that Scooby is ripped? Yes. Yes he is.  He has a nice hat too:)

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