Ain’t that a kick in the @$$



I am sure you have probably heard by now of Ryan Bell, the Seventh  Day Adventist Pastor and teacher who recently embarked on an intellectual experiment to “try Atheism” for a year.  This sounds  like a worthwhile endeavor.  Try something new, see what it’s all about.  Unfortunately Bell was promptly fired from two positions, one at Fuller Theological Seminary as a Doctoral adviser and as a consultant for  the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Glendale, CA.  How’s that for a kick in the Rear?! Not everyone thinks this is a good idea. Some suggest it s a popularity stunt to gain more Christian followers (as one comment on the Thinking Atheist suggests).  Others are saying he is seeing real Christianity.  It is also noteworthy that the Thinking Atheist, Hemant Mehta, encouraged atheists to donate money to a fund to support the now unemployed spiritual experimentalist. I applaud Bell for his…

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