Billy Graham Restates Tired Old Myths and Misconceptions


Because he is an almost dead apologist?

Brian Green Adams' Blog

I thought Billy Graham might be a little more thoughtful and enlightened than to repeat the kind of tired old myths and misrepresentations we hear from Christian Apologists. It is amazing how little I needed to change from this article titled  “Graham: Atheists reject God without exploring the evidence for his existence.” to reverse it completely.

The only thing I really needed to cut out was his simplistic view of definitions. Particularly obtuse was his repeating of the tired old myth that atheism is responsible for human atrocity. I suggest Mr Graham look into the actual himself. Non-Stamp Collector’s Videos are pretty good on this.)

Here is my revision:

Dear Brian G. Adams: Do you think there are more theists today than there used to be? My cousin says he’s been reading some books by theists, and now he’s decided to become one (much to his family’s disgust, I might…

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