Your Heresy for Today


I am not against church, some of my greatest lays were church girls and I even got a blowjob in church! YAYYYYYYY church!!!!

Letters to the Catholic Right

NPR has an article on the Sunday Assembly, a “Church for the Godless,” that seeks to provide its members with the good things that people get from going to church (a sense of fellowship and community, impetus for self-improvement, etc.) without all that pesky God-talk. The picture that accompanies the story shows a bunch of people singing along to (we’re told) a pop song, looking joyful and enthusiastic. One person interviewed says, “I don’t believe in God, and so going to church, even with Unitarian church, it’s not so explicitly God-y, but there’s still some spirituality that just doesn’t resonate for me at all, so I’ve been hoping for this sort of community experience for a long time.”

As a Christian, I know I’m supposed to see this as a Very Bad Thing, but I don’t. I’m reminded of Lillian Daniel’s words on a very different topic, from the video…

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