Against God


Atheists do what is right because it is right, not because of the threat of vengeance from a tin shit GOD!!

The Rationality Unleashed! Project


For a long time, I wasn’t particularly vocal about how I see the world. I was always part of the “agree to disagree” crowd. Eventually, when I started paying more attention, I realize that those words are the biggest cop out and hindrance to progressive discourse in existence. So, like so many others, I stopped being silent.

This of course led to countless friends that I had known for years to exit my social media pages (and my life) in droves. People don’t like being contradicted when they hold a belief. They don’t like their closely held beliefs questioned. I have, however, managed to reach some of them. I can live with that ratio.

This brings me to the thing that is on my mind this morning. You see, I’ve recently returned to hometown. The funny thing about a somewhat small town is that you tend to run into….everyone. Even…

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