In Denial



Scott Beane asked no one in particular on Twitter: smbeane

For those who don’t get jpgs on their iphones, he asked “Why do religious people deny the existence of evolution when there’s so much evidence?”

This should be an easy answer, and it is, but it also takes some explanation. The short form is that faith is not based on evidence, so it doesn’t matter how many bones you throw at a Believer, if the bible got there first, they’re just bones. They have no significance in the face of an omnipotent benevolent omniscient god. That’s the short form, but it doesn’t cover everything.

The long form is because belief usually gets there first for many people, and it’s hard to overwrite dogma instilled in children, after they grow up into adults. My own mother told me Jesus was real, and it took me forty years to overwrite that. I still…

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