Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ evidence


Why Evolution Is True

As we all know, for most believers religion, to be fully embraced as a way of life, must be based—at least in principle and in part—on evidence. But the absence of that evidence has given rise to the discipline of theology, which is based on the insupportable premise of rationality without reason. The Jesus and Mo author conveys, in four panels, arguments I’ve been making for years. Religion is a pseudoscience: it makes existence claims—statements about reality—but, when those are challenged, reverts to exactly the same tactics as do advocates of Bigfoot, alien abduction, and homeopathy. The “evidence” reverts to revelation and scripture, and religionists make sure that it’s not capable of being falsified.

But I digress: here’s a shorter take, in which Jesus has found (to use the parlance of Alvin “I haz a sensus divinitatis” Plantinga) a “defeater” for arguments against the Resurrection:



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