9 thoughts on “The wonderful late great Christopher Hitchens!

      • I DO love his incredible commentary on the corporeal Jesus. I have been told by many people that the last word on the subject is that Jesus WAS actually a real person. Those that say these falsehoods have no real evidence to back this up as every piece of it can be logically refuted. Dr. Richard Carrier goes into depth on this on The Thinking Atheist podcast which can be viewed on Youtube. Hitchens was un Apologetic, ( pun intended ), in his insistence that the truth of this matter be heard over the theological nonsense.
        NOW…..I believe it is time that YOU told ME why you are sporting such a massive boner to discredit or insult Hitchens!

  1. @ hitchens67

    You might have so many good arguments given by Hitchens; but I would like to mention just one out of them all; the best one please. And please don’t make a list of the arguments; just one please.

    • The simple statement that religion poisons everything would be an awesome start. I would also like to point out that if you are not religious then you had nothing to fear from Hitchens. His greatest talent was turning an argument around on his opponent leaving him to fight for a reply. If you think that he was such a hack, then why did so many prominent religious figures agree to debate him when his win ratio was so damned high? This blog is meant to spread the logical and sensible word spoken by atheists, not to cater to the angry theist who hates the fact that belief is fading rapidly. Read God is NOT Great by Hitchens or The God Delusion by Dawkins and many answers are in there. I am not PC and I care little for the brand of atheism that rejects activism, it is a milquetoast effort to assuage the anger of the deluded.

      • Quoting your words:

        “The simple statement that religion poisons everything would be an awesome start.”
        This statement again, I think, is only a claim not a reason. What reason or evidence did Hitchens give to prove it?

        This should not be difficult as, I appreciate, that you are a fan of him and of his reasonable arguments.

        Aren’t you? Please


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