Why I am here!


When replying to these posts, please remember that this forum is for anyone, but especially for the agnostic who knows that the gods of organized religion are fake, and for atheists to bolster validity in argument. I have been lowering myself to reply to some posters who believe literally in the Bible and have twisted some scientific facts backward and forward to prove the case of religion. These folks reveal either a very limited IQ or the sheep-like mentality of those indoctrinated at an early age. Now boring as their comments are, it demonstrates the incredibly low quality of the public education system as well as the ignorance of the parents who brainwashed these individuals. 

I was raised in abject poverty and had a fundamentalist parent who believed in deliverance by a sky daddy, this never came and she lived out her life as indigent. I lost my faith at around 12 years old due to good old fashioned literature at the public library. I was a natural researcher and cross referenced everything that I read. I came up with zero proof as to the existence of a Bronze-Age God who couldn’t even let his followers in on the fact that HE created the world as a sphere! Religion exited to the dustbin for me but I still tried to find faith because of peer pressure and the bullying of atheists. My favorite swear word became ‘Goddamn’ because I realized that this epithet was far less offensive than all of the others and that using ‘the Lord’s name in vain’ required believing in ‘The Lord.’ 

The journey to atheism was, for me, a sensible trip down the road of logic and reason with Christian bumps along the way. The non-believer is constantly threatened with damnation to an imaginary Hell by small minded idiots who claim to love us, but refuse/can’t offer any proof as to the validity of their very far fetched claims. There is NO PROOF and yes, if you make extraordinary claims then you should be ready to back them up with something other than a written and several times re-written book of fables! The Bible is an ancient book of completely fucked with stories that contradict each other and many of the articles on this blog contain the irrefutable proof of this. To posit the claim of the Jewish scholars and their form of passing down information by word of mouth as proof of anything carries NO WEIGHT in a modern world where atheism will overtake Christianity in just a few short years. Remember, agnostics really don’t believe in God, so they are just awaiting that tiny nugget of sensibility to push them over nostic is “nothe edge to complete common sense! Religious people should fear the agnostic over the atheist because they put our percentage at actually 40% or greater of the civilized population! What I hear from the agnostic is “No, I don’t buy all of that Christian or Muslim crap. I’m spiritual but I never go to church because I think that that stuff is a bunch of bunk.” If I gave a buck for every time that I heard this from an agnostic, I would have given away a small fortune, and that’s just me! Count the quote as heard by all of the other atheists/religious people in the civilized world and you have almost half of the industrialized world’s inhabitants! This is awesome because it means that atheism is winning by leaps and bounds! Soon the world will have proper balance between the deluded and the logical! We Live in bright and exciting times!

Posters please be aware that atheists find the same wonders in quantifiable scientific discovery as the Christian or other religious person finds in something with no provable basis based in mass hysteria. We find it incredible that in 2014 there are still so many people that bow down to idols of worship and follow them like sheep. If I was referred to as a ‘sheep’ or a member of a flock, I would be insulted, not proud! I blaze my own trail based in the provable, in evidence. I need no idols or accolades from an imaginary friend to define myself or derive a self esteem, the mere fact that I am in a scientific field and am very good at it fills my heart with pride. We atheists look at blind following as a disease, not a virtue. One that has held man back in many areas and that has had it’s time in the sun. As you pray for our souls and wonder how we can be soooo ignorant, we look at the evidence that disproves your religion and feel sorry that you have been brainwashed or that more people are being born with such low intelligence factors. Many Christians, Hindus, Muslims are incredibly intelligent but we see them as possessing the sheep mentality, not as mentally inferior. We, as scientists, struggle to see why any logically thinking person would hold onto such obvious falsehoods, but I guess that the fear of the unknown and of the dark is a very pervasive thing. 

I know that this post will not shed light into the whys of atheism because you need to be able to see two points of view first and the religious falsely believe that it is their mission to spread the dullness of unsubstantiated myth. Don’t worry though, religion is headed for a fall and for terrible wars as Muslims infect civilized countries with no opposition from the liberal Governments of these lands, and as Christians feel the squeeze from this as well. Science builds skyscrapers, religion flies planes into them, this is fact. As long as religion believes in the foolishness of Rapture and global spread of it’s mythology, the world will remain in danger. When atheism and agnosticism take the majority stage, then true advancement will prevail, until then people will foolishly stunt their mental growth with bullshit.



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