Life on Earth-Sized Planets Predicted to be Widespread


Of course there is life on other planets, you would have to believe in ancient bullshit to think otherwise!




Earth-sized planets can support life at least ten times farther away from stars than previously thought, according to researchers at the University of Aberdeen and the University of St Andrews. Many planets previously considered uninhabitable may actually be able to support life beneath the surface. The team challenges the traditional “habitable zone” or “Goldilocks zone” — the area of space around a star that can support life — by taking into consideration life living deep below the ground.

The traditional habitable zone is based on the premise that a planet needs to be not too close to its sun but also not too far away for liquid water to persist, rather than boiling or freezing, on the surface, said researcher Sean McMahon. “But that theory fails to take into account life that can exist beneath a planet’s surface. As you get deeper below a planet’s surface, the…

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