Geographically Embarrassed


13 thoughts on “Geographically Embarrassed

        His reply: Psychology is merely a fabrication to assist man to deal with his innate fear of the unknown. I’ve studied and am currently studying these disciplines also. Give some quantified evidence of psychological findings and I will believe psychology. Now, because you do not count writing in the Bible as actual evidence then I will take no psychological journal as evidence. Do you see how narrow-minded your demand is yet? The point is, it is more intellectually rigorous and challenging to believe and to logically come to terms with a creator God that stands beyond the physical. I’m not using religion to prove religion. In the last comment I merely stated what the actual discipline said and the historical origins of some psychological explanations. To answer your last statement, I have tried to speak with narrow-minded people who believe what is quantifiable is all that is and get no where with those deluded people who believe that. By your reasoning, you cannot put stock in government, psychology, most cultural conventions, and the list goes on–so be ready to lock yourself within a lab and do nothing to help the world. If you do not believe in what is not quantifiable (which can be safely assumed with your most recent comment) then you have no grounds to do anything at all with the information you read or find in an experiment. All it can be is data, nothing more.

        A final note, perhaps the reason you get no where with Theists is because you are to busy telling them so than actually contributing to the conversation. And I think psychology is helpful

      • My biggest problem is the vacuous wonderment displayed by believers and the anger toward scientists who experience the same euphoria over discovery! Also, yes, this guy posits a religious argument and then leaves when the heat rises!

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