Bill Nye explains his disbelief


Why Evolution Is True

Is Bill Nye an atheist, an agnostic, or something else? He’s admitted what he is, but you’ll have to go to PuffHo to see his explanation.

I have to say that, although I never watched Nye’s “Science Guy” show, I don’t find him particularly articulate in this type of interview.  And that, of course, has implications for how well he does in the upcoming debate with Ken Ham.

Creationists are already inundating me with emails gloating about how my worries about Nye must mean that there’s something wrong with the argument for evolution. That’s nuts: the evidence for evolution is strong regardless of how well a science popularizer does in a rhetorical exercise, and debates aren’t the place to settle (or argue) this question. It is in fact already settled, except in the minds of blinkered religionists. Even if Ken Ham mops the floor with Nye during the debate, that…

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