My Muslim friend on evolution: “What’s evolution?”


The Atheist Papers

Many who’ve read my blog might be surprised to discover that I live with two ultra religious Muslims. One hails from Afghanistan and is pursuing his undergraduate studies, and the other comes from Algeria, where he received a M.S. in engineering. Between my vegan cooking, the Mediterranean cuisine, and the Central Asian fares, our house is constantly filled with the best aromas. We get along really well, despite the fact that I find Islam to be a very dangerous religion. So far, in this blog’s short lifetime, I’ve covered that topic twice (here and here). To be fair, they might not be aware that I’m atheist. They’ve never seen this blog as far as I know. And they see my bookshelf, filled with books on religion, atheism, and even a book or two by the Dalai Lama. Mostly, however, I read about international politics (which was my graduate studies…

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