Now With 25% More Jesus


The Scathing Atheist

by Noah Lugeons

It’s been almost a decade since I lived in the deep south.  It hasn’t changed but I’m discovering quickly that I have.  I suppose the pro-Jesus stickers on the shop windows and the biblical passages on the newspaper and the Christ-praise on the menu board and the “Christian Owned” notes on the print ads were there the whole time.  And I’m sure I noticed them before.  But I don’t recall them pissing me off quite so much.

I’m seeing them everywhere now.  Every fourth business I walk into makes it damn clear that they’re Christian.  It’s a selling point for them: “Get your taxes done here because we love Jesus more than H&R Block!”  And it must be effective or so many businesses wouldn’t be doing it.  Sure, they lose my business when I see a big “Jesus Loves You” sticker next to the one that tells…

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