Jay Talking Video Takes You Mardi Gras.


i am from New Orleans!!

CBS Boston

My name is Bradley Jay and I host the Jay Talking radio show which airs weekday mornings on WBZ NewsRadio 1030 from midnight to five. Like the Jay Talking Facebook page.

Consider this:

[worldnow id=6784249 width=385 height=288 type=video] Mardi Gras is a blast. Sure Mardi Gras includes throngs of binge drinking party people, brass bands, crazy costumes, and great food, but there is much more to it. Make sure to take the time to learn about the Mardi Gras Indian Tribes, the New Orleans neighborhoods, the rich New Orleans history, and the exotic plant and animal life. What ever you do, make sure to spend some time off Bourbon Street.

One note; New Orleans is a high crime city. Be smart. That said, have a great time. If you have never been, let me give you an idea of what it is like with this Mardi Gras video.

Click play…

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