Proof of god – part 1/2


The Atheist Corner

I always wanted to deal with the ontological proof of god. Ontology is part of philosophy and deals with the metaphysical. But i was concerned it would be too dry of a read and not really accessible. So i let it rest until just recently, when i found this link:

Its not the classic ontological argument but it is guilty of the same errors. This one though comes as a visual step by step presentation.

The Page was created by one Sye Ten Bruggencate, who as it turns out is to Christianity what Sarah Palin is to politics.

If you wanna skip the step by step guide through the argument you can skip right to the refutation by searching for <search me>.

On the first stage it gives you the option to choose between four statements (with absolute truth=“True for all people at all times everywhere”):

“I don’t…

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