Proof of god – part 2/2


Circuitous argument is the cornerstone of the Bruggencate/Craig debate style because it confuses those not versed in defending against it! Their arguments contain no proof either, they just use theatrics and style to make opponents look like they are unprepared, but if the audience actually respects evidence and logic then they have to reject the theatrics.

The Atheist Corner

Welcome back to proof of god – refuting the ontological argument (

Part 1 is available here.

We are offered “Logic changes” and “Logic does not change.” Or in other words, logic is absolute or its not. While absolutism has problems we discussed before, we shall be fair and (again) view the argument independently, but skip the circular bull**** (and the coming ones) the author throws at us.  Has logic changed? Well, yes it has. As our understanding of the world around us and our mental capacity increased, so has our application of logic improved. So at the very least humanity has improved its ability to apply logic and due to this logic has changed in our minds. Which is why we encounter the next set of choices. We are now to decide between “Logic is made of matter” or “Logic is not made of matter.” What the author is…

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