The Gift of My Early Death.


Very profound and eye opening. Thank you so much for this!

The Reluctant Atheist


I died in 2010. October 5 to be exact. I went in for an relatively safe procedure, which went well. But, unfortunately, the hospital staff left me alone in my room after without telemetry, and I went into respiratory depression and died. A nurse not my own walked past my door on her way to lunch, peeked in, saw that I was blue and purple, and a code was called immediately.

Two doses of Narcan later, I awoke, just as they were getting ready to intubate. I had stopped breathing for several minutes.

When friends hear of this, they are rapt. “What did you see? Did you see the light? Did you see Jesus?” The answer to all of those questions, which I answer truthfully, is no. There was nothing. Absolutely nothing. Even that light sense you have of yourself when you are sleeping? Gone. I was utterly devoid of…

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