Nye Smokes Ham in Debate, by Virtue of Science In and of Itself


Captivating the Masses


I watched the Nye vs. Ham debate, which is unusual since I generally don’t watch these things. They’re too depressing and even more so, sometimes frightening; but since I happened to catch it live, I figured: Why not? The best analogy I can think of when I listen to a creationist attempt to convince someone that the world is only 4,000 years old is the example of, say, the apple in hand argument. Someone walks up to someone else and says, “Look, I’m holding an apple.” This person, however, has nothing in their hand. The natural response is, “No, you are not holding an apple.” But the person arguing that he actually has an apple will persist nevertheless, until it feels like dementia is settling in for the listening parties involved.

Of note, with regard to the debate, rests in the fact that biblical scripture was presented onscreen as Ham…

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