A Rant on Galileo, Columbus and Bill Nye


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Recently a debate between Bill Nye, the science guy, and the dude who runs the Creation Museum was televised. My nephew, an astrophysicist, was asked to comment on this and he said science and religion are coming from different places and the debate was pointless. This sound bite was not used.

The debate was not pointless. The point was to get a spokesman for a minority of literalist Christians and make fun of him. If they wanted to have a real debate, they would have put Nye up against a Christian biologist, who would not deny that species change over time, but might ask some disturbing question that might shake the Doctrine of Evolution a little bit. But that wouldn’t be any fun.

While I’m ranting, let’s set the record straight on Galileo. He did not “discover” heliocentrism; that idea was around a long time and was published previously by…

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