Hello all!

I hope that you all got the same thing that I got out of the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate. I believe that Ham confirmed the ‘No proof’ stance of belief and has helped to prove that the belief stance is ridiculous! If you speak with people that are not actually there, then you are mentally ill!

5 thoughts on “Debate!

      • Perhaps. However, I was watching The Young Turks a few days after the debate and they cited a statistic from a Christian website that would suggest the opposite. That is, an overwhelming majority of Christians thought Ham lost the debate as well, so if his following increased at all, I don’t think it’s by much.

      • That IS comforting. I just hope Ham appreciates the DVD sales where he is claiming victory and the extreme right is saying that he has helped to advance Young Earth Creationism. Personally, I own a doorstop rock that is older than 6,000 years!

      • Yes, but I really don’t think there is anything we can do about that — only the extremely credulous join his club, and they are beyond reason. I have the feeling that when things were all said and done that night, evolution won far more new members than creationism. Chalk the rest up to the casualties of war.

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