Deaf Pastor Who Turned Atheist Is ‘Vengeful, Pathological Liar Who Needs to Repent’ Says Old Church


Hypocritical Christians everywhere support this assessment! You should be fucking ashamed of yourself to expect fair treatment you goddamned logical bastard!

Believers vs Non-Believers

After claiming in an explosive CNN article Monday that he began losing his faith in God after being overworked and underpaid at a church run by a tyrannical, golf-loving pastor who made $80,000 a year, deaf pastor turned atheist, Justin Vollmar, is being dismissed as a “vengeful, pathological liar,” who needs to “repent” of his sins by his old church.

“The word that he is spreading about myself and the church is not good and we are going to have to shun him until he is ready to apologize to us. But apparently he is choosing a worse road. I believe the devil is winning him,” said Terry Michael Buchholz, senior pastor of the Hampshire View Baptist Deaf Church in Silver Springs, Md., where Vollmar worked for seven years.

Vollmar ran the Virtual Deaf Church online for four years before proclaiming in a YouTube video Friday that he is now…

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