Bible Absurdities: Very awkward conversation Moses MUST have had with god


Love this!

The Atheist Papers

Most people know the story of Moses. He was a Jew, kidnapped by the Pharaoh and raised a royal, decided he liked gefilte fish more than those grapes you always see pharaohs eating, sat idly by while god committed mass infanticide along gender lines, and then ate some mushrooms on top of a mountain and found some “magic rocks” (or something like that).

It’s this last part that piques the interest. According to Jewish rabbinical tradition, the Torah (the first five books of the bible) were recited to Moses on Mount Sinai and at the Tabernacle. Moses wrote down the entire Torah. But if you read the Torah, you find out that Moses dies at the end without ever entering the promised land!

So basically, Moses knew that he would die after committing tons of selfless acts in Exodus, and that he was given no promise of eternal reward. Before…

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