The ever changing landscape of science.


Let me begin by saying that, yes I am taking another shot at religion by posting yet more scientific facts as to which the faithful are unaware. I say this because when the idiot Kirk Cameron can go on CNN disparaging Evolution through the bullshit ‘Crocoduck’ explanation, then religious people are more ignorant than once thought. Here is an actor, a person who has had many roles in many films and TV series, exposed to a more diverse population than most of us and still he is obviously too ignorant to accept the reality of science! 

The transitional fossil records have been embedded in the study of Paleontology now for decades and are not a mystery to those who study the evidence based science available to anyone on the internet. All it takes is a Google search to reveal hundreds of transitional fossils. Instead, Creationists, approach the average joe on the street and ask them if they know of any transitional fossils. Now as I have said before, with the current state of education in this country, I’m surprised that the dunces illustrated in these videos even know their own names, let alone anything having to do with science. This is a failing of parents who let this travesty occur by not assisting with learning at home and plays right into the hands of the ignorant drooling masses who are deluded enough to believe that the great Sky Fairie created the universe in six fucking days! 

Second here, let me also state that I regard ‘faith’ as the ultimate cop-out when one does not have the answers to the question at hand. It is actually a very cowardly way out of doing research that will come up with a sane sensible answer. This would require guts and ambition, most of which the religious lack. Now I only speak of the truly religious, not the posers when I say that, because as we well know about 40% of the people that say they believe in God don’t even know what the Bible says and they would laugh in the face of a person who had claimed to have just seen Jesus Christ in the flesh. Careful churches, half of your people are only a smidge away from claiming agnosticism! This of course excludes those religions where they blow people up or self immolate, THOSE motherfuckers are CLEARLY just fucking insane! Getting back to faith, lets just say that if you don’t wish to learn, just claim faith.Please do not mention folks like the inventor of the MRI, how such a brilliant mind can subscribe to such bullshit as Young Earth Creationism is beyond me and most other sane people. I guess mental illness can breed genius as well.

Next on the agenda, I will give just a little info on the whole morality thing that the religious are always beating us over the head with. That’s the big head and not the little head, come on now this isn’t Catholicism. Why don’t we just go around raping chickens and debauching Cocker Fucking Spaniels or something? Could it be, for the love of Christ,(or not), that morality is innate? Could the difference between right and wrong actually be built into our tiny little pea brains? Pea brains…ha! String theory pun! According to infant psychologists at the Yale psychology department, a ground breaking study is about to confirm that morality is in fact innate! Whoa! I’m about to pee myself in ‘I fucking told you so’s!’ Science win folks! Sorry, but ya gotta get over this fairy tale mentality and realize that Yaweh’s about to hit the dustbin as overwhelming proof disproves ‘His’ barbaric existence! The master of drunken genocide and mass murder of infants is about to lose ALL credibility and rightly so! I’ll bet if ol’ Job was here he’d gladly pound the first nail in the celestial coffin! That’s for the goddamned boils you spectral fuck!! I must say that some of the most outstandingly moral people I have ever known have been atheists and agnostics, and after all, what is an agnostic? An up and coming ATHEIST!

Let us go now to that bone of religious contention, the human eye. Religious people claim that to have such a complex camera eye to exist would take the stroke of a master creator, a veritable Van Fucking Gogh in heaven. I disagree, of course, based upon millions of hours of scientific research that proves the evolution of the human AND animal eye. Yes, I do believe that we are higher primates AND animals, but for the article I will separate humans and animals for better clarity. The human eye is an amazingly complicated organ, a camera of sorts, that is able to focus light and convert it to an electrical signal that our highly evolved brain translates to images. The retina detects the light and processes it through the millions of specialized neurons creating the wonderful spectrum of pictures that we see every second of every waking hour. The intricacies of the human eye have long been an arguing point for creationists as a prime example of what they call irreducible complexity.This is the supposition that a system that cannot function in the absence of any of its components cannot have evolved naturally from a more primitive form. Darwin himself relied on the supposition that an explanation would be found in the future to explain the evolution of the eye and annotated this in his book On the Origin of Species in 1859. As most reputable scientists do, he was able to use the phrase ‘I don’t know, but we will eventually find out,’ as an answer instead of saying that the Sky Fairie did it. Scientist from Darwin’s time on have made significant advances in explaining the evolution of the vertebrate eye and as we know, this has taken place over approximately 100 million years, not six fucking thousand! This took shape with the visual apparatus being a simple light sensor for daily rhythms around 600 million years ago and progressing to a sophisticated camera eye around 500 million years ago.Between then and now the more complex aspects of the eye developed into the visual sensor of the higher primate. Provable science has demonstrated over time that our camera-style eye has surprisingly ancient roots and as we continue to explore its origins, more in depth answers appear, and the history goes farther and farther back. The fallacy of New Earth creationism is so entirely apparent in these findings that it sometimes surprises me that they can still find people so incredibly obtuse as to believe in that complete shit.

To the creationists and believers in intelligent design, I must say that the evidence is there, you just need to look beyond your crippling fear of the dark to understand it. I am well aware that if the lights went out all over the world the people would renew dancing around the campfire worshiping any deity that they thought would save them. Fuck banding together and figuring out the problem, most would go to murdering their brother for any supplies that he had. This includes the Christians, we already know that the Muslims do this because they don;t even need the lights to go out to commit mass murder, they just need a sect to adhere to a different form of their own barbaric religion for that. No, the pious are usually the least moral in these circumstances. That aside, if evidence and logic were respected everywhere, the world would be a more civilized place, but most would rather vote for their favorite American Idol rather than expand their mind with scientific text. Oh, and don’t bother with the Bible unless you are reading to find out why people are stupid enough to believe in it. The only thing that it is good for is as rolling paper for those shitty smelling cigarettes that bums enjoy! Arm yourself against Christians, read the one book that most of them NEVER read. Believe in it and you will lose vast amounts of I.Q points.

In closing, please use this information to stimulate your need to inform yourself further with some of the millions of scientific articles on the net, and throw your bible into the fireplace where it will actually serve a purpose. Peace be upon you readers! 


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