Free Will….


As I take care of the different cancer patients, I am reminded that God has a plan that he inflicts daily on those that he arrogantly and constantly requires supplication from. Eve ate of the fucking tree of life and gave us all free will so that an almighty specter could stand idly by and require worship but do absolutely nothing to be deserving of it. Free will, the religious cop-out that allows blind faith with no proof of the deity’s existence, how convenient! Women get raped and beaten on a daily basis, people get randomly shot to death even on the way to church. Snake handlers die of bites even though their faith states that ‘God’ is protecting them! I see absolutely no sense in these Bronze-Age beliefs and it amazes me sometimes that the sheep known as humanity constantly graze the faithful Kool-Ade.

The light that I see at the end of the tunnel is the explosion of people who identify as agnostic these days. As the information age progresses and voodo magic falls behind, the belief in sky spirits wanes exponentially. The overwhelming evidence that GOD is a human construct becomes more and more apparent as time wears on and paints clearly the rediculousness of belief in faries. Man, being composed of 90% followers is going to have to go to great lengths to create a convincing god of the future and might have to invent some sort of new smoke and mirror show to decieve future generations of people who are used to living in an age of advanced computers. Hopefully the Singularity described by futurist Dr. Ray Kurzweil will eliminate the innate simple fears that drive men to dance around campfires invoking the supernatural.

At this time I will pray fervently that the good Lord will help me be a truly devisive force among ‘His’ followers and that I will be able to open their eyes to the folly of believing in ‘Him.’ Please God, let me open the eyes of your people so that they may know that you really do not exist and that their loved ones are not at all protected by prayer because it is a hollow gesture of past primitive cultures to ward off the boogyman! Let them know that the lie of Free Will is just a cop-out to explain the complete impotence of your myth! Yes, I am being very facetious! I still marvel over the sheer numbers of people who are still comfortable admitting that they believe in such a ridiculous myth, I always will. The only thing that comforts me with this is the fact that half of the supposed ‘believers’ actually don’t believe in god, they just say it because the feel the social pressure of the deluded friends and family who actually believe in the magic man in the sky! Well, untill next time, peace be unto you! 

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