Critical thought and God.


I feel as I read the stories of God’s wrath, that I am reading the amoral ramblings of an uncaged psychotic who has way too much power than He deserves. The Bible reads as this and continually gives this madman props for his wanton killing of faithful and unfaithful alike. I was reading a blog post by noreligionrequired, here on WordPress, detailing the selfless act of Uzzah in the book of Sameul, trying to save the Ark of the Covenant  from hitting the ground when the oxen carrying it stumbled. Because he dared touch the sacred Ark, God struck him dead, even though Uzzah was trying to show the utmost respect for a sacred relic of his lord! 

Christians will spin this bullshit a different way and try to make ‘The Lord’ look like other than a drunken tyrant but they will fail because critical thinkers will not buy this Bronze-Age bullshit any more than a story of a magical unicorn. Of course the magical unicorn would probably represent a character of a much higher moral fiber than the god of Abraham! Christians just do not understand that when critical thinkers are fed this illogical load of shit, the first thing that they do is search for evidence to back up the fantastical unrealistic claims and then they completely scoff at the pure idiocy of biblical suppositions. Truly there is not a single person out there that can actually convince a real atheist that the fairy stories of the bible are anything but ancient fables designed to control an illiterate populace. The bible was written to appeal to a mostly uneducated mass of folks who lacked the ability to read and scrabbled for a day to day subsistence just to remain alive in difficult times. The bible appealed to the very poor who needed something to make them feel as though they were special and not the expendable thralls that they actually were. A promise of a wealthy afterlife seemed very attractive to people who usually ended up dead at around fifty years of age from things like urinary tract infections and tooth abscesses. 

Hell, if you promised me the goddamned world and I was a dirt poor shepherd, I’d probably sip the wondrous Kool-Ade as well, and seeing that 90% of the people in this world are made up of tractable followers, there’s no wonder that nonsense of the bible has persisted into the modern age! If more people voted for their favorite American Idol than they did their representatives, that surely means that sheeple are alive and well in contemporary times. It doesn’t matter how illogical and contradictory the stories of the bible are, or how savage their god treated the main players on the stage, they will continue believing in these obvious made up stories because they have a promise of heaven in the end! How sad and very pedestrian of so many people. The irony of it all is that the level of education of some of these people is very high and many actually hold advanced degrees in the sciences! The very sciences that disprove sky fairies every day of every week are subverted by these people in an attempt to convince others of the unsupported claims of religious doctrine. 

I thank the almighty Critical Thought Matrix that the ‘Nones’ are on the rise and that so many people identify as agnostic. That means that we will thankfully see a dramatic increase in those choosing logic and reason in the future. These people just need to step out of the shadows and quit caring what religious friends and family think of them. It will happen, I just hope that it spreads fast enough to head of more religious wars and atrocities, you know, that which religion is so great at propagating? Peace be unto you, critical thinkers!


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