Atheists are from Venus…


Atheists are funny people, so caught up in logical thinking and free thought, so allied to evidence and proof that they sometimes fail to see the wonder in that which they know nothing of. I speak, of course, about the things that we know nothing of!! That which is a mystery, something without a human rationale or explanation if you will. Well bloody Hell, I guess that I’m speaking of that which actually lead me to atheism over blind faith; wonderment! The vacuous theist is always asking the non-believer what they could possibly see in rote science and absolute fact, I say that the expansive domain of science and the fact that it dangles the carrot of eventual explanation over my head causes me ceaseless awe! The constant discovery of astronomical phenomenon continues to generate thousands upon thousands of questions that set us on a constant quest for answers, and this takes time. This is time spent thinking and coming up with reams of information beyond ‘Gawd did it.’

Theists do not stop to think for one minute that the image that we are seeing in the telescope could actually be God for freethinking nerds! We see these discoveries in the skies and on Earth as giving us the incredible wonders that belief in God gives theists, we just happen to defer to proof over hearsay and myth. To us, the atheist nerds of the world, we see the myopic belief in deities as a cop-out for actual research that would take a closed-minded person outside the insular little box. Many believers would cite scientists that are believers, but we all know that since 90% of people are sheep and 10% are forward thinkers, there will be many educated ‘dumb’ people, as Bill Mahar says, that continue to hold onto baseless beliefs such as the belief in sky fairies. 

I know that when I go outside on a cloudless night, I spend several minutes just staring at the expanse of the visible universe. I find awe in the breathtaking immensity of it all and of the wondrous light show that it puts on day after day. I am literally knocked over by the fact that it is so many billions of years old and that it will exist long after man has passed from this Earth. The sad and small-minded thing about belief is the tiny little thinking that man is actually important in all of this. Human beings keep inventing gods so that they can continue to convince themselves that they are somehow the center of this whole thing and that they are relevant. This is complete sentient foolishness brought on by a primitive fear of the dark and a desire to constantly create the need for oppression of one’s fellow beings. The wonder is in the discovery, not in the limitations of explaining things off to superstition through a myriad of faulty morally bankrupt gods. The minority, the 10% can’t even begin to describe these wonders that go beyond the closed-minded constructs of religion because the believer is too busy holding their hands over their ears to keep from actually learning something beyond theology. This isn’t ALL of the religious, but it is most. As long as one chalks up vastly incredible things to a God that couldn’t even share that the world was round to His closest confidants, a large portion of humanity will continue to resist the advances of science. 

I am skeptical of most things. I am skeptical of many atheist agendas, mainly because as an atheist, I do not wish to lead others astray with false information. I wish only to expose foolishness where it exists, and to spotlight the need for more non-believers to come out of the closet. I wish to share the great relationship that I have with reason and to have others see the incredible wonders of human scientific discovery that I see now and will see in the future, science willing. I realize that there are Orwellian things that science will allow man to do, but I also am very well read in the historical horrors of religious conquest. Man is a fallible being and seems to always choose the path of least resistance, but when faced with religion and science; I choose that science be the dominant factor. 

I close this for all science geeks everywhere by saying that when I need to experience awe, I turn to images from the Hubble, not to the empty promises of unfounded myth. If there is a chance that some would be insulted by this than I would direct future visitors to the ‘About’ page which explains that this site is for those who think for themselves and exercise logic and reason over superstition, and that I do not exist to rub salve on the wounds of those offended by things that they don’t agree with. 

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