An Atheist’s Perspective: Othodoxy and Progress


My problem with the Hamites of the world, is that they are so completely ignorant but have such lofty credentials, such as the inventor of the MRI scanner. Yes, everything about the idiocy of Creation has been soundly de-bunked, but these deluded people still try to infect our schools with this inbred nonsense! I also am angry that Bill Nye couldn’t see what a financial boon it would be to the ridiculous Creation Museum that he would set his debate at this bastion of redneck foolishness! These people can delude themselves all they want, but lets not play into their idiot hand!

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The French Philosopher Rene Descartes observed that the method of the scientific revolution would sweep away all obstacles from its path in its pursuit. It would do well for religion to stand aside lest it get caught in its path as well. Why would a French mathematician/philosopher who included an utterly plagiarized proof of god’s existence in his seminal work, “Meditations” make such a comment? Perhaps it is because that Descartes understood that orthodoxy cannot move forward a society. Only the progress of knowledge, of inquiry can do anything to drive us forward. Adherence to orthodoxy is adherence to the past. All questions have been answered, any question that could come up have already been answered as well.

Those of the Creation Museum would have us believe that upon the adoption of the Old Testament canon, specifically the book of Genesis, the whole entirety of scientific inquiry had been settled…

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