My ultimate goal!


I have just concluded a very detailed explanation to my son of the very complex and fascinating concepts explained in Cosmos, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s reboot of the Carl Sagan classic. I grew up with the Sagan version and was, of course, floored and dazed by the incredibly immense data presented in such a short documentary. The reboot is a series and not a limited documentary, but presents the proof and theory discovered since the release of the original Cosmos. I again , am floored by the incredible details provided by the genius Tyson about the origins of the universe and our human aspirations to decode the minute beginnings of this mystery called the Universe.

As I teach my 12 year old son and my six year old daughter the wonders of the universe, I am still challenged to answer questions posited by the information being presented. I go to the scientific texts and papers and glean the careful answers to these questions and am completely satisfied with the data given. Why? Because the answers are rooted in thousands and sometimes millions of hours of tried and true scientific data borne of provable discovery. The same discovery that is reviled by the religious scholar today. The same discovery that is refuted by the likes of William Lane Craig, Sye Ten Bruggencate and Ken Ham, the idiot titular head of the ridiculous Creation Museum. Now I know that the many thousands of factions that claim legitimacy in the Christian faith claim to have the right answer, but one should look at science when questioning because it has standards that hold ALL factions to same quality outcomes. Science, unlike religion, does not have different means in which to test it’s data, experiments are all held to the same standard and debunked if found to be completely in error!

I see the cosmic calendar that Tyson uses with it’s 12 months, and am taken aback by the reference that our species took only about 14 days within the 365 days to evolve. Compared to the 13.5 Billion year calendar, we were but a footnote in the last evolutionary phase in the cosmos to appear on the land of a backwater accretion disc in the ordinary galaxy called the Milky Way. Poor strange people trying to make sense of the unknown and trying to find a way to control less intelligent beings created an anthropomorphic god that had infinite power so as to intimidate the simple folks and their pliable minds.

Throughout history we see these types of gods used to control the greater populations because 90% of the people are sheep who are tractable, and 10% are held back by these followers. The creators of the gods of old do their best to control the people, but as science takes hold these people learn to think for themselves. If you look at most Catholics, they do not actually believe in God, they just are not ready to say so. This is fact, just watch Bill Maher’s Religulous and you will see this. Secular people are just those who lack the convictions to call themselves atheists.  They don’t believe, so what is that? ATHEISM!

Christians are just those who cannot read and do not believe that their God is an amoral genocidal, pedophile, maniac murderer, who carries out jealous homicidal campaigns of terror against innocent people who do not believe in the tenets of His tyrannical reign! Atheists and science buffs are people who put absolutely NO stock in biblical non-sensical bullshit and trust the scientists of this world to solve the mysteries and theories presented by scholars in this age of reason and logic! Sorry, but this is the most sensible course! Due to the overwhelming burden of evidence, I have to say that Creation survives as nothing more than an interesting story to be told as a footnote to explaining the history of Evolution!

New Earth Creation has already been debunked as total fallacy and retardo-bullshit. No one with credibility needs to go toe to toe with these delusional assholes because they are obviously completely crazy! If anyone, and I mean ANYONE can dispute the findings of the genius Tyson, then I will listen with open ears. Tell me it’s the free will of human beings or the ‘will’ of God, then I will be asking many more questions before the night is over! Thanks for the late soapbox and I will now climb down!

8 thoughts on “My ultimate goal!

  1. Can I say two things: The first, the layout of your site with the banner makes it impossible to read your articles. Not good.

    The other: I think you are overreaching trying to be Hitch on your first go-around. Please respect Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Dr. Richard Dawkins, and their friend Daniel Dennett.

    You can not ad 67 to Hitchens name and become him. You have to do the work.

    I would like to think you wrote something clever here, but I could not read it, and I am skeptical that you take a cheesy route to get traffic.

    • I’ve tried many things and can only get the banner to the size that it is, any suggestions? Also, I’ve been trying to tone down the vitriol because I am a confrontational person by nature. The 67 is my birthdate and was added out of respect to separate me from the man Hitchens because he is a stand alone great guy. The Hitchens is a tribute and explanation to those who enter my blog that they may very well be insulted by what they read. The ‘cheesy’ route is also a tribute to the fact that I am a proud science nerd even though looking at a bald weight lifter weighing 230lbs would not suggest this.
      I am a work in progress and make no apologies, I am currently writing a book, intend to debate Wm Lane Craig and have a very lofty goal of being a driving force in bringing reason to the deluded religious masses. I am just one human being, but I want to maximize my effectiveness as a force of logic and reason while alive in this time.

  2. I have described the evidence I would require to believe in a god as an event which counters all the arguments of atheists and proves one or more religions to be spot on and convinces believers of other religions on the spot.

    Then I find that believers kind of have a point when they ask for proof of ‘atheism’ … they’re saying prove my beliefs wrong and yours right. This would be made easier if they were willing to do the work to understand the hard sciences, and even then there are those that believe in a god. To teach someone these things takes a long time… starting with childhood is a good place.

  3. Just a thought: The label ‘atheist’ covers what you don’t believe. The label ‘secularist’ covers what you believe at this point in time; it serves as a parent label for all the child labels that apply, such as humanist, realist, hedonist, etc.. While arguable, and likely off-pissing to many atheists (and seculars), understanding it in this way clears the picture by presenting a pattern of relationships for all the kinds of beliefs that atheists may (or may not) support. This also gives me an idea for a blog post of my own.

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