Hows about we stop ignoring this and do something?


I drifted thru this ambiguous world of trying to make a living and avoiding mom’s boyfriends!

I’m sorry for acting like I had no beef against the established god.  I had learned to be a fundamentalist from my mother who believed that all who did not accept Christ were going to burn and be eternally tortured. I did have a massive chip on my shoulder and hated her god for years, even when I didn’t believe in him anymore. I just chased it’s imaginary ghost. I barely escaped molestation and even death at the hands of the street people that my parents left me to, you know, the God-fearing parents. I was self-sufficient at 12 years old and had learned to be quite the grifter at 13. I did anything that I had to to survive and lived in every homeless shelter from Florida to California searching for a way to fit in. I’m lucky to still be alive. How does anyone see a $100,000 income and a lofty degree as a trade off? I learned to survive!

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