Why I’d Rather Debate Ken Ham Than Ben Corey


I completely AGREE!! This is an awesome post in that it explains the frustrations of those people that get blindsided by cherry-picking Christians! These people are nothing more than theists of convenience! They really don’t believe in the bible, they just can’t go that extra step and say that it’s just a bunch of goddamned fables with absolutely no basis in reality! At least with the fanatic deluded people you know where you stand, and at least these people, idiots though they are, actually BELIEVE in the book of nonsense that they preach! Hell, even Bill ‘the douche bag’ O’Reilly has said that the bible is ‘parables’ and not actual happenings! Really? Shit people, if your gonna believe in fairies, it’s not that much harder to believe in the doctrine given to man BY the fairy himself!


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