You know, ALL of my friends aged around 40 or so have miserable marriages male OR female. I take this as the institution of marriage is a passe thing and needs to be disregarded. Why ruin a good long term relationship with the death spectre of marriage? There are what, 0.5-10% of people who will describe their marriage as good and half of those are lying? So what is the benefit besides legal? I say that the law needs to be adjusted to consider the people who are too smart to resign themselves to the dungeon of marriage. 

I am unsatisfied I can tell you. The reason is because I cannot separate myself from my wife without her making the lives of our children miserable. She is so shallow that she cannot let me go and move on, she has to let the children know how much she is suffering! Unreal! I am willing to not fuck with their heads in this manner but she seems to derive a satanic glee in doing the exact opposite. She has her own career but will fight me to the end to get child support even though I want equal custody. This is because she co depends her deadbeat parents and forces me to take care of them even though their actions allowed their drug addict friends to rape her twice before the age of 10. I have tried to help her in this area but have been told that I do not qualify to tell her how to run her life. 

I have tried to break away with disastrous consequences all the way around. I implore my readers now to examine the families of the people that they are considering marriage too and urge them to consider the greatest choice of long term relationship WITHOUT paper involved. Yes, I am against marriage as an institution of the weak and brand it as a religious institution of bondage!  

2 thoughts on “Marriage

  1. Coming up in just a few weeks will be our 56th anniversary. We will not brag it has always been perfect, but our relationship has always been valued.
    During all that time, we have had several occasions to remark about other’s marriages, and take note of several commonalities. Mama Lou and I knew each other for a dozen years, during which we grew from dislike, to friendship, to lovers.
    We remarked about the hasty courtships we observed, that led to marriages that lasted more or less than a dozen years. We remarked about the sneaky way others hid things from each other. We remarked about how they seldom backed each other in reprimanding their kids, but would go behind each other to let them off the hook.
    Mama Lou and I knew each other long enough to know each other’s secrets by the time we married. We had lost our fear of each other. Yes, fear: fear of offending; fear of disapproval; fear anger, argument and loss. We have enjoyed always sharing important secrets. We have enjoyed sharing each other’s company on adventures others kept silent. We never had a sense of ownership, but always kept a sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves: our relationship.

    • My biggest problem is that I have minor children that need stability. I have nothing in common with my wife and she’s made it pretty clear that she doesn’t value finding out if she has commonalities with me. Most of the people that I know that have been married are either rocky or divorced at the ten year mark. My spouse’s greatest problem is always having to be right and being an outright bully. Sadly, I have soured on the institution of marriage but wish true happiness on those getting married.

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