skepticism and PC


I was listening to The Thinking Atheist podcast the other day and the topic was Black atheists and their experience since they declared their non-belief in their communities today.  The people that Seth Andrews spoke to that day were very forthright and adamant about the way that their atheism was portrayed and the terms used to describe them. They were basically all united upon the ‘African American” line in that they disliked the limiting label that it provided. They ALL preferred the term “Black” over any of the other terms offered.


I agree in that I do not see color as a barrier but I do see color as an attribute. To see a person in a color blind setting is to not see the incredibly sexy,(in my opinion ), almond skin tone of the person before you. For me it is accentuated in women because I am male. The reverse is applicable to females. I see the awesome attributes that my senses allow me to see and that is the way that humans are supposed to percieve things.

The bottom line for us animals is that you have us at “Hi gorgeous,” no matter what sex you are or color. My barometer measures it at “DUUUUUUHHHHH” for attractive females no mater what color!

I am currently 46 yrs old and would caution any person against marriage because of the overwhelming negative feedback that I have gotten from my friends and from the miserable marriage that I, myself am in. I have young children that I cannot hurt so I am trapped, that is why I urge all of my listeners to reconsider the torture of marriage!


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