Screw the Rules; I’ve Got Jesus!!



Hey all,

I’ve noticed a THING while doing my escorting thang over last weekend.  You know last weekend, with the Easter and the Good Friday and all of the reproductive rights bruhaha that is involved?

Yeah, I had a great Easter weekend.

So, right, that thing I noticed.  While I was attending the yearly Planned Parenthood counter-protest on Good Friday. I noticed that a few “protesters” had broken off from the designated area for fetus-worshipers, and had set up shop right behind our designated area for the sane.  It was a group most liberal minded gatherings should be used to: The Big Sign Damning Groups of People to Hell!!

10253920_10152386399836354_5570777897489793548_n A trio of awesome (with fuckery in the back!)

A couple of people wondered out loud how they could get away with moving their little protest right in the way of our food trucks (yeah, we had food trucks and musical…

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