Evolution Isn’t True, It’s JUST a Theory


The biggie is to tell them that gravity is just a theory and to step off of the ledge of a 10 story building!

Atheist Englishman

There’s a certain breed of fuzzy thinking that fails to recognize reality for what it is. Evolution is multifaceted, it’s not just one thing. The theory of evolution is an explanation of the facts of evolution. It’s not just a theory, it’s gloriously a theory.

The basics of evolution are:

  • Animals pass on their genetic material via breeding (breeding can be cell division at its simplest). Indisputable.
  • Genes are not copied exactly from the parents to the offspring. Indisputable.
  • Differences in copies of genes can result in minor variations which are beneficial to the offspring and enable it to generate more offspring (also variants which are not beneficial and variants which are neither beneficial or not). I consider this indisputable also, it’s simply a fact of difference.
  • The creature which generates the most offspring has its characteristics copied (imperfectly) the most. Indisputable.
  • The beneficial mutation is passed on more because…

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