How The Fear Of Death Works In Favor Of Religion


Godless Cranium

death_with_angel_wings_by_darkisatoI got some very interesting comments on my last blog post about what I think happens after death. Almost as if by fate, yesterday I was browsing YouTube and I found a supremely interesting video about stories we tell ourselves about death.

Philosopher Stephen Cave breaks down the four narratives that seem to reoccur throughout history. Christians who responded to my last post will instantly recognize one of those recurring themes, which is the resurrection myth. Jesus is the latest actor on the stage, but he was far from being the first.

The three others are the elixir story, which has recently been reincarnated using science, where a scientific or magical elixir will be discovered that can prevent death, reverse the aging process or halt time. If that sounds confusing, just think about the numerous fountain of youth stories that have popped up throughout history.

Christians will be very familiar with…

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