Transitive Properties


Holy shit this is too funny! I have so done this with friends over my comics!


One of my favorite moments of all time from the CBS tv series “The Big Bang Theory” is when Amy, Penny, and Bernadette find themselves arguing about how Thor’s Hammer works in the comic books. Before we begin I’m well aware of all the dick jokes. I’m going to resist the urge to go there, as doing so would easily sidetrack me from an actual point I’m trying to make. Make them up on your own as we go along if you so desire.

I love this argument. Have since I was a kid. It’s all kinds of stupid fun. I’ve been all over this argument. I used to believe only Thor could pick up the hammer, cuz if anyone else could pick up his hammer then they’d be Thor right? And that’s just silly, but then someone would show me an issue of the comic book that I hadn’t…

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