No amount of belief makes something a fact


This is such a fallacious statement! Ol’ Deepak made a challenge to TAR regarding challenging him to proving that supernatural bullshit is just that, bullshit! I don’t care if you are Deepak, Tupac, Biggie or Eckart Tolle, no amount of bullshit is gonna fly in the face of cold hard evidence! There is no evidence that a Christian sky fairy exists PERIOD!

The Isaiah 53:5 Project

I saw this earlier and found it interesting.


What atheists seem to forget when they come up with catchy one-liners like this is that the statement “there is no God” is as much a claim of absolute truth as “God exists” is.

What they also fail to mention is that, without God, life is utterly meaningless.

Is there a purpose or do we just die and that’s the end?

Here is something to ponder from William Lane Craig

If only death stands with open arms at the end of life’s trail, then what is the goal of life?

Is it all for nothing?

Is there no reason for life?

And what of the universe?

Is it utterly pointless?

If its destiny is a cold grave in the recesses of outer space the answer must be, yes—it is pointless. There is no goal no purpose for the universe. The litter of…

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