GMO foods!


The sad thing is when you give tested information to a person and they reject it based upon the foolish notions of the popular opinion. This is sheep-like behavior and is to be rejected by the forward thinking populous based upon their fallacious thinking. I am sad to say that my own wife had a conversation with her brother based upon unproven facts that she passed off as legitimate and ignored my addition of tested facts in favor of her own bullshit suppositions. She ignored statistics regarding genetically modified materials and their proliferation related to individuals selling off land that they could develop themselves and vilified GMO purveyors instead of lazy landowners selling plots of land at premium prices.

Yes I know of the team of lawyers that Monsanto employs 24/7 and the bully tactics that they use, but I also know of the laziness of people who own land and sell to large land owners expecting them to not use the land for GMO purposes. They pontificate and exaggerate the causes that they support and NEVER tell their people that they themselves sold the company the land that is now being used for GMO production. The hypocrisy is in the fact that the owner never meant to use the land themselves to yield crops, but in the expectation that the crop would never be used to grow GMO foods. 

These questions were never asked because that would give rise to arguments of a moral nature, so it was assumed that the land would be used to just grow food. The seller knew that the buyer had liberty to use the land for means other than to just grow natural crops, but the seller never asked because that cleared culpability in any other incident. This leaves the ignorant farmer able to file later lawsuits in federal court over things that they knew to be fact which gives them a way to obtain further payment related to the claim of ignorance of land usage! This shit is fucking brilliant!! 

Grass roots action could circumvent this GMO menace as long as local farmers hold onto local lands and use it for local crops! If they get greedy, they can always file federal lawsuits in court to claim ignorance of things that they already know and profit from these lies! Awesome! The people complain about corporations while acting out of greed as corporations do and hold corporations responsible!! Hypocrisy!

Please leave comments s to my fallacious thinking and tell me if I totally missed the mark! 

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