I do not have faith. Surprise? Faith describes belief and trust, the dictionary defines faith as the following :faith
complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
“this restores one’s faith in politicians”
synonyms: trust, belief, confidence, conviction; More
antonyms: mistrust
strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

Atheists have come to the conclusion that the spiritual doctrines of the Earth do, in fact, contain historical references, but are mostly contrived fantastic stories of the unexplainable supernatural and are NOT provable by any means. This is backed by irrefutable proof and does not involve any need to substantiate. In other words, The Bible, and like literature, was crowd control for a simpler time dummied down for the sheeple of today. The brilliance of religion is that it requires legions of glassy-eyed followers to shove their collective heads in the sand in willful ignorance of obvious science that had long ago taken the place of mindless superstition. It also depends on the child abuse of early indoctrination to brainwash innocent children into believing that they are born worthless without the love of an imaginary sky fairy.

When Satan/Al Pacino described God as an absentee landlord, he wasn’t kidding! God fails to appear at every important juncture where His presence could be beneficial. Instead, He just sends assholes in funny hats to tell the ignorant what His wishes are at the moment! Why is this? Because these asshole pedophiles in funny hats are the very same assholes who CREATED this imaginary GOD. The free thinkers observe these idiotic supplicants to nothing and feel compelled to expose the lies of religion in order to pull these sheep off of their knees. I feel embarrassed for people when I see them debase themselves to a cross or any other symbol of religion because as a sensible person, I am aware, due to scientific proof, that there is no evidence to back faith based claims, and the Bible is NOT an original untouched work, but has been written and re written over the years, destroying it’s questionable original integrity!

GOD lets antique Bibles survive tornados, open to certain passages on the hood of a car after scores of people have perished in the very same disaster. Why not use your infinite power to stop the tornado? Why not shield your terrified followers from destruction? God lets Megachurch pastors be blessed with incredible wealth but lets hundreds of children starve to death overseas on a daily basis. God lets all sorts of atrocities occur such as child slavery and rape, torture and murder, starvation and pestilence, but manages to show that HE exists and is watching over HIS followers by having fucking statues bleed or appearing on someones breakfast toast, how useful for the omnipotent! What about, there is absolutely no sensible need for worshipping spirits or living one’s life by fairy tale books full of fantastic bullshit stories, make sense?

The above would assume that 90% of people aren’t followers, but we all know that this does not comport with our reality. The reality is is that scores of people know more about Kim Kardashian’s personal life than they know about how their own government works. They are more interested in that precocious, rude fat little blob Honey Boo Boo and that shallow genetic pool referred to as her family! Good Christians everywhere watch the throwback bumpkins on Duck Dynasty spew religious bullshit while spouting anti-gay, homophobic, misogynist crap and defend their righteous fury! Why, they only want to be free to spout their hate in the name of the Holy Bible!! What the fuck is wrong with that!! IGNORANCE! A willful suspension of ALL critical thought and logic in favor of talking snakes and amoral biblical standards.

The only hope for this planet is common sense and logic. People need to quit believing that an imaginary asshole in the sky is gonna rapture their asses and start relying on themselves to get humanity’s problems under control. Atheists don’t HATE god, there IS no god, if there was then there would be a shred of proof SOMEWHERE! Atheists believe and know that humanity’s salvation lies in hard work and critical thinking, not useless clasped hands. Prayer is essentially useless and a tool for those deluded by fairy tales and it needs to go away. As an atheist activist, I feel that it is my job to open people’s eyes to the reality of their laziness and complacency, and to pull them off of their knees into a position of effectiveness and action. I ask that ALL free thinkers get involved with your local atheist and secular alliances and talk to people! Ignorance is vanquished by knowledge, and young people are best to start with because they are not yet old and set in their ways. To those that would call this victimization, I challenge you to show how being based in reality and not in the supernatural a detriment to anyone!


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