A little about me!


I was born on an Air Force base in Rantoul, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. My father was an Airman who packed parachutes for a living and rode out the Vietnam War on a beach drinking Cokes. He never saw any action and never had PTSD. My mother was a trailer park opportunist from a well to do family that had destroyed her mother’s business because she had a fucking axe to grind. She did not elevate herself to a better station with her mother’s business, she just destroyed it because she was a short sighted hateful bitch. This is what I gathered from her from out interactions during our lives together. She obviously had some type of mental illness component, or she was just a vindictive bitch. Who knows. 

I grew up in 38 states in every Section 8 housing complex and every homeless food shelter across the U.S.A. I observed the most blatant abuse of the welfare system possible, with parking lots filled with Mercedes Benz, apartments filled with expensive furniture, and people trolling the steak isle while talking endlessly on cell phones. I saw this in every town that I lived in and was constantly told that these were the minority of welfare people. I sold news papers, pedaled junk and worked for people who would hire me off of a lie. Sexual abuse was a footnote in my life and very brief.  I was told that the profits were better in drugs and other dealings, but I never faltered. I saw that despite the better prospects, that these people would rather sacrifice and go to jail for $2.000 a day than work for that in a two week period. I see why this is the norm, but I worked my way to the top of my profession and eschewed the easy $2.000 dollar a day method of risk and human destruction. Now, it is different, and people scramble for jobs with Master’s degrees. This is wrong and needs to be adjusted. We need to join all other civilized nations with socialized college and hopefully, when we can control our worthless ass-sucking population, socialized medicine. Don’t get me wrong, if a person can’t get their drug problem in check, Soylent Green would be a great option, but there is a future beyond addiction as long as the asshole who is addicted wants it. People should have a way out, but they should have to earn it, hands down. Fuck what yer daddy and mom did to ya. I can give you a run for your money on that one. Mom and dad weren’t around, I got it. Now wake up you assholes and realize a better way to live! Change your government and get your shit right!!

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