Bible Contradictions #46: Is Jesus god?


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Bible contradictions 46

Most Christians claim Jesus and god are the same being. Indeed, it’s pretty much the core of the entire religion. Few will argue against this point because doing so takes Jesus’ divinity away from him, leaving him merely a man whose “sacrifice” to save mankind is irrelevant. Saying Jesus is not god is to call Jesus just another execution victim. This makes the Jehovah’s Witnesses all the more strange for claiming Jesus is not god. In other words, this is a pretty important question to Christians: Is Jesus god? The answer, unfortunately, is yes and no (depending on what verse you read).

The gospels are chock full of verses where Jesus is going around claiming to be god. It would take me half the day to list them. So I’ll just leave a link here with all of those verses.

But Jesus also made it clear that he is not…

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