Do unto others goddammit!


I know that I’m workin’ yo dissonance here, but we don’t need state subsidized sky fairies anymore. We know where the sun comes from and why the rain falls. We know that illness is random and doesn’t play fair but are only fucking with our own heads when we falsely rationalize that our dead loved ones are in a better place. The fact of the matter is is that the body and all that is contained in it is either in the ground or in the burn pan if the body has been cremated.

The mythology surrounding gods and angels is a well worn mythology that is very entertaining, but serves little function in a scientific world where the discoveries being made are sure as Hell more interesting than the bogus claims of the religious zealots. Mythology makes for great cinema and for those of us who remember The Omen, it sure as fuck was awesome entertainment, but if one actually believes that the son of Satan dwells upon the Earth, then these people are gonna have a Helluva wait for the fireworks between the son of God and ‘ol Damian to fly! This is whats generally known as ‘Cultish Crap,’ and has no actual relevance in the true scientific scheme of things. You see, scientists are NOT going to discover a child born of a jackal and then mysteriously die in a freak auto accident, they are going to trudge on revealing absolutely NO PROOF of the supernatural fairies of the bonzo world of the Holy Bible! In fact, they will continue to dismiss the arrogant, unfounded, ridiculous claims that that book of fairy stories continues to pass off as real. Hell, even Bill O’Reilly, who attacks atheists at every turn, cannot elevate the Bible to anything but “Parables, a book to guide one on a moral path. Of course I don’t take the Bible literally.” Strange though, that if you don’t believe that the Bible is the inspired work of God through his supplicants, you have to disbelieve in the story of Adam and Eve as a literal interpretation.

If the Adam and Eve story is not true, than Original Sin is not a fact and that negates the entire Noah thing from EVER having to come to pass, and that we do not even need a Savior to come down and sacrifice Himself to Himself, even though He is God on Earth, and he does not have to wash away the sins of man, because Original Sin actually does not exist! FUUUUUCK! Religion has WAY too many renditions of itself to be taken seriously! How can ANY faction claim legitimacy unless……none of it is real???!!

This obvious conundrum aside, I recently saw that horrible piece of shit Noah, ( thank Glob not in the theater ), and can see why it both sucked, and was reviled by the Christian masses. Not only does it defer to Jewish mythological interpretation, but it also retells the story for maximum movie excitement value, endorses Evolution, and portrays Noah as any other person in the Bible; as a person of blind devotion to something that he cannot see and is able to justify murder in it’s name, a zealot, an unhinged, paranoid radical! Perfect, a standard Biblical figure!

Thank Glob that the Bible is just ‘Parables’ and that most mainstream people don’t actually believe in talking snakes and bushes. That is why I have suggested The One Commandment to be adopted over The Ten Commandments, my One Commandment, 1. Do not fuck with people without reason to do so and let them live in peace worshipping what they want to, and be generally good to all without having to be told to fucking do so. A-Fucking-Men!

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