Welfare and initiative decline, Part 2


I would like to offer the following information about myself that hopefully will shed light upon my belief system and my search for the truth in every aspect. I am willing to accept evidence from scientific sources regarding thing that I believe, and am willing to adjust my beliefs in accordance to modern scientific evidence.  I love skepticism and critical thought. As far as I am concerned, these things have given me new purpose in life and have legitimized my way of thinking and living. I do not believe in fairy stories and vet all of the information that I receive to get rid of the biased bullshit usually contained in media. I abhor drama and cannot stand assholes that love the stage more than they love truth. I am a lover of facts and evidence, and have great distaste for those making claims without any facts to back them.

I just found out that I am an Ashkenazi Jew, AND that I am most likely directly related to the Koch Bros. of Republican hate fame. Thank you Mormon ancestry database! My mother, who I have not spoken to in 21 years and who died last year, looks like a young portrait of Anne Frank! Imagine that! My grandmother has told me stories of being taken in by the rich ladies of the Chicago Jewish community! No shit, really? I do NOT agree with the Israeli agenda in Palestine and I do NOT support the acts of terrorism committed on behalf of the super-rich Jewish community that wants you to think that their terrorism is not like Palestinian terrorism  in Israel! 

My journey here begins with; can I tell Jewish jokes with impunity now? Can I complain and whine endlessly, and can I squeeze a drop of blood out of a fucking penny? Just kidding. Where does my requirement for justice lie now? What can I do on the international front? Can I use this to blog my dissent on current issues? I think that on the last question that you all know what my answer will be. I will continue on and set an example for the way thinking critically should proceed. I will continue to advocate for those trapped in theism and doubt. I still try to find out how to think regarding those who take the easy way out. Can I get an opinion? I have such animosity towards those who are given things but wallow in self pity. I have overcome so much that I naturally believe that people should do their best, but so many do not and ride the system. Please give me feedback as to what is the best answer to deal with complacency. 

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