Chronicles of YHWH 9: A wager on Job


Random thoughts

One day, Lucifer rang YHWH on his speed dial:

Lucifer: “YHWH?”

YHWH: “Speaking.”

Lucifer: “I’m bored.”

YHWH: “Come up here for a game of hide and seek.”

Lucifer:“Say, I’ve got a few nasty chemical weapons that are about to expire here. Do you have a nice human family down there I can pour the chemicals on?”

YHWH: “Well… let’s see. There’s Job and his huge family. Thousands of cattle, goats, camels and slaves. And some weird sons and daughters that I don’t particularly like. What exactly do you want to try out?”

Lucifer: “I have some anthrax powder here, some measles and leprosy agents, and an advanced strain of Ebola. I want to see how fast I can wipe out the entire family.”

YHWH: “Ah, then Job’s family is perfect for you. Job trusts me a lot, and won’t start abusing me when his family starts dropping dead around…

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