Bible Contradictions #52: Can “true” Christians leave the church?


The Atheist Papers

Bible contradictions 52

Early Christians held a monopoly on the No True Scotsman fallacy. Actually, we still hear it on a regular basis. When a Christian does something crazy with which the majority of Christians disagree, people might say, “Yeah, but he’s not a real Christian.” Or when a prominent member of a church defects and speaks out against the church, members might say, “He was never a true Christian.” For some this is a necessary fallacy to make because it provides them with some comfort in a spiritual land being bombarded with cognitive dissonance-inducing stimuli. And unfortunately, these people have guidance in the bible that compels them to make this fallacy.

When we ask the question whether or not Christians can leave the church, we get two different answers, but the contradiction itself is not the only thing that gives us pause.

1 John 2:19 tells us that when people leave the church…

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